Thursday, August 14, 2008

lost it?

Everyday I think of updating my blog page but all i do is close the page after changing the layout and shuffling the elements. Seems like either my mind has become blank or it has lost the capability of logical thinking. My thoughts just run hay wire. I pick up the newspaper, read the headlines, then quickly shift to some other news item and within seconds I am done with the news reading for the day! Interestingly my job profile is that of a researcher- someone who is expected to read a lot, be updated and possess loads of "logical thinking"! I see none of these characteristics on the right track at the moment...

Now I am trying to get my mind to "focus" and "analyse" as to why this is happening-ummm...........a few reasons are coming to my mind.

  1. 9 months back god gifted me my precious new life - my son, Ansh. I read somewhere that lactating women have memory loss problems. They are absent minded and cant focus on things.
  2. I am sleep deprived! Dark circles around my eyes demand sleep sleep and more sleep..zzzzzzzzzz.............but mamma has to wait till the little one grows up :) Being half drowsy all day also dusnt let me focus!
  3. All my thoughts go in to thinking about ansh, ansh and ansh..leaves no space for absorbing the latest health research! lol... (I guess this is common to all mothers and that too the 1st timers!)
  4. Career wise I feel I am stagnated and my personal learning has stopped in my current organisation. This might be another reason of disillusionment.
  5. ummm.....Now I am gettin restless and want to wind up here!

Shall try and get back with more meaningful stuff! Till then wish me happy reading and medidating on my thoughts!