Thursday, May 3, 2012

We can make a difference....

Since motherhood dawned on me, suddenly I found myself intolerant towards all forms of exploitation against little children. However the sad part is that like each one of us, I too have done little to make the world a better place. While we human beings are steadily moving towards complete degradation of moral character (yes now I believe Kalyug is here!), small instances of efforts being made on the positive side gives me a sigh of relief. I always wonder of the kind of circumstances my little one will have to live through when he is my age and whether the majority of the world will be populated by animals (of course with a human face) who beat their own 3 months old daughter to death, abuse little children and so on....
Global warming is one aspect of environmental degradation, pesticides in our food is another but the biggest killer in the coming times is the changing face of us human beings who have no respect or thought for anyone else in the world but for him/herself. 
Children posing with the CM, Jharkhand at his residence

A few days back an ex-colleague called me to inform about a less than 10 year old child being exploited by couple living in the heart of Ranchi city. Similar to the Dwarka case this little child was made to do all household chores, deprived of education and the best part was locked alone in the house for days and that too on the roof! Rescue team from Labour Department went to raid the premises and found that the "smart employers" had already sent off the child to his house and feigned ignorance over the allegations against them. According to them they were doing "charity" by keeping the child with them, giving him food and "educating him". God save all the children of the world from such charitable people!
On a positive note, we as mentors of some selected numbers of children rescued from their workplaces, joined hands with UNICEF and launched a campaign against child labour on the eve of National Anti- Child Labour Day (April 30, 2012). We visited houses of the Chief Minister, the state secretariat, and other high level dignitaries' houses and our caravan paved almost all the streets of Ranchi. While we mustered support and applaud from all corners the best thing about this campaign were the 20 children from National Child Labour Project special school of Hindpiri, Ranchi. About a year back these children (9-14 years) were put in to this non-formal education centre by motivating their parents to educate them. Many of them had never seen a school before. Today they read, write, say poems, SHOUT SLOGANS :) and freely talk to the CM and high level government officials. An instance- A peon at the state secretariat asked one of the campaigning children what was going on and why they had come there. One of the children replied, "You are so grown up and how come you dont know today is National Anti Child Labour day!!".
So still there is a ray of hope with these little efforts that we can make on our behalf and to "heal the world, to make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race........" as sung by MJ....

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jab we met!!

We met, we chatted, had a great time together and then we parted…..this time for good or should I say now it depends on each of us whether we want to keep in touch! It was an emotional moment on 23rd march, 2012 where farewell gifts were given away and everyone vented their hearts out on how much they had enjoyed their tenure with CINI and gained from working with different government departments, agencies and especially the Sahiyyas, women, children and adolescents. The very fact that ex-colleagues like me were given an opportunity to be a part of the get together and wish everyone good luck shows how much we all bond together as a team though now working or going to work in different places and organizations.

Last but not the least one man deserves all the credit for bringing CINI Jharkhand to the fore as a premier technical assistance agency in the state and to get people on board who had the vision and technical expertise to spearhead some important developments in the state’s health, nutrition and education sector. The man of course is the Coordinator of CINI Jharkhand, our mentor Dr Suranjeen who shall always be loved and respected by all of us and his advice shall continued to be sought be it matters on handling a project, career advice, medical treatment or discussion on any technical issue under the sun!

Thanks for being there Dr Suranjeen and not to forget the leadership and support provided by Ranjan, Tapan da, Nawal, Sapna, Anup and the list is unending J

New projects will soon bring a new set of people in to CINI Jharkhand and we all shall continue to cooperate with them.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

22 Government Departments of Jharkhand sensitized on the issue of child labour

The Department of Labour, Employment and Training, Government of Jharkhand organized a sensitization workshop on the issue of child labour under the International Labour Organization supported initiative “Converging Against Child Labour: Support for India’s Model” at Hotel Capitol Hill, Ranchi. This training program aimed at familiarizing all concerned departments on the issue of child labour and to discuss with them the legal provisions, schemes as well as roles that different departments can play in tackling the issue. The ultimate objective was to create a pool of trainers in the issue who can further sensitize their respective departments on the issue and on the strategies that can be adopted to help move towards elimination of the issue. “Education of every child is very important and the Right to Education has to be actualized. Awareness on the issue has to be created at the grass root level, for instance, at the Panchayat level”, said Sri Vishnu Kumar, I.A.S., Principal Secretary, Department of Labour, Employment & Training, Jharkhand inaugurating the two days training programme.

“Child Labour is not only an issue of Labour Department and all our stakeholders have to converge to tackle the issue. The Convergence Model initiative supported by ILO has brought in a model which is being piloted in two districts viz. Ranchi and Sahebganj and is already showing positive results in abating the issue of child labour,” add Smt. Aradhana Patnaik, I.A.S., Labour Commissioner, Jharkhand. Secretary, Child Labour Commission cum Nodal Officer, Convergence Model Project Dr Shyam Sunder Pathak coordinated the event along with State Resource Cell, ILO Convergence Model Project staff.

The departments who attended the training were Department of Labour, Employment & Training, Department of Human Resource Development, District Administration, District Social Welfare Women and Child Development, Welfare Department, Information & Public Relations Department, Department of Health & Family Welfare, Department of Rural Development, Department of Urban Development, Panchayati Raj, Department of Finance, Environment & Forest; Law, Officers from Department of Personnel Administrative Reforms and Rajbhasha, Food, Public Distribution & Consumer Affairs, Child Welfare Officers of Special Juvenile Police Units, Agriculture & Sugarcane Development, Industries, Animal Husbandry & Fisheries, Food, Public Distribution & Consumer Affairs among others.

The Resource Persons were from Department of Labour, Employment & Training, UNICEF and Department of Social Welfare, Women & Child Development. Besides this, I.G. C.I.D. Police, Sri Anurag Gupta sensitized the participants on the issues of human in Jharkhand and various penal provisions for the issue. The training programme was entirely participatory and well taken by all participants.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We Rock!!

Now I have to be prompt and write as frequently as I can :)

Today was hectic day, morning chores, getting my son ready and on time to school, going to the bank, reminding my mom n dad to pick ansh from school, visiting government departments to ensure participation to a training programme we are organising this week, attending a meeting for my media fellowship, going to the state secretariat to meet the labour commissioner, fetching ansh from nani-nanu's house, getting household stuff from the market, getting ansh to do his "exam preparations" and then finally blogging while feeding ansh his dinner!!!!!

all I can say yet again "Hats off to me and all the working women of today's era!!" We Rock ladies :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

and I am back!!!

I cant believe myself!!! Its about to be a year since I visited my blog page, leave alone posting one!

Thinking of the reasons; the only one that comes to my mind is my new job. I joined the Labour Department in July 2011 and wrote m

y last blog a month before. So I guess its no one but my new job that is to be blamed. However I should not be using the word "blame" as I am not complaining but liking the new assignment as much as I loved my last organization. Its just that the new place is demanding and six days a week. The only Sunday left to relax is "reserved" for my little one :)

He is 4 yrs, 4 months old now.

So much has happened ......

I quit my 6 years old job, got to work with the system, recieved a government media fellowship, my best friend is a mommy now :) my son completed 4 years, we applied for his school admissions and then decided on his continuing with the play school, Ansh had a bad year and had been constantly ill, Ranchi city kept growing only in terms of the brands (KFC, Fab India, Satya Paul, W, Subway, etc.) and no infrastruct
ure got developed accordingly,

my grand mother passed away and also some such stars who you thought will always keep entertaining you ( and they still are..) jagjit singh, devanand, shammi kapoor...

Of all this the most enriching and memorable part was getting to interact with children who study at the National Child Labour Project special schools being run by the Labour Departmen
t. The smiling faces of these children always makes me wonder whether I really h
ave any issues in my life! The pain and suffering overcome with the smile and a feeling of being out of the rut (tem
porarily) is overwhelming. These little children though rescued from work know very well the huge responsibilities awaiting them and the struggles ahead in life. Some get their little siblings with them to school as there is noone at home to take care of them.

Work, daily chores, responsibilities, family, my little one .......and life goes on................
and this time i log off with a promise that blogging will go on. :)