Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sitting all alone again I was reminded of a mail forwarded by a friend. It said dont wait for things to happen and dont think that one day everything will be all right. Live and enjoy today! This is something that I think about most of the time nowadays because it gave me a big realisation...Till now I have only lived on hope...hoping against hope that there is way to get things corrected and moulded your way. This is the biggest mistake anyone can make!!Everyone wants to mould everything around him including human beings to suit his/her comfort, failing to realise he/she has no right to do so. It just cant happen! This only leads to conflicts and worsening of the chances of "things to get fine"!

Life can never be prim and proper...yes it is for some but most of us have to live and be content with what we have. But understanding and incorporating this in our lives is the most difficult part!

While taking a shower in the morning the sound of a drilling machine digging deep down in search of water struck me..the hand shower i was using seemed to be such a simple day to day "utility gadget"!! A few days back my neighbour's well had dried up and they resorted to another deep boring to extract more ground water. This has become almost a routine incident. Every one around my house and for that matter we too have dugged deep into the earth and are extracting precious groundwater. There is no other way..the government does not have water to supply..and we need water for our day to day needs..
This thought process took me to another line of would this change our world in the coming years...Check this out -
1. There will be shower detecting squads hunting down those using them and fining them a hefty amount.
2. Using a cistern and flushing religiously would land you up in jail!
3. dry toilets and sand would be the rule of the day!!
4. Installing rain water harvesting systems at home would become mandatory and in case there is no rain one would have to migrate with bags and baggages to cherrapunji!
5. After every meal the plates will have to be "wiped" clean and not "washed" clean!!
6. westside, wills, provogue, allen solly, shoppers stop, etc etc will all launch a new range of Disposable clothes!!
Can you think of more??
Then add to this list ....:)

Deja Vu

Standing on my terrace and looking at people moving in their vehicles or on foot is a usual evening task..Suddenly a red maruti and a white ambassador missed a fatal collision and resulting in a road side fued...This sequence of rather irrelavant happenings gave me a feeling what we call "Deja Vu"!!!
It happens a number of times that a quick sequence of events seem to repeat themselves or may be happen for the 1st time in your life but you feel as if you have been a part of it...its not new to u!

I find this to be very intriquing specially when I relate it to beliefs like reincarnation. This feeling of Deja Vu always leaves me surprised and wondering whether what I am thinking and feeling is right. And the interesting part is that it has not happened once but several times since the time of my childhood I can recall!
Tell me do you sometimes feel the same? Do certain events/happenings make you feel that it is not happening for the 1st time and you have witnessed it before?