Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour?

Earth Hour, the WWF initiative is indeed laudable and innovative. However I dont know how many of us switched off the lights of our houses. In my case, well I had no choice, the Jhk State Electricity Board celebrates unnumerable earth hours in our state. So we do our bit everyday voluntarily or involuntarily. Interestingly, in Jharkhand you dont need to blame on anything for forced "earth hours" we have a special custom here unheard of in any other state! On festivals like Ram Navmi and Sarhul (tribal festival) we all are prepared for half a day long power cut which runs late in to the night. The reason? There are massive processions on the streets and such is the religious fervour that people dance and (are perhaps drunk) on the streets for hours not caring about live wires on their heads. Hence the electricity board snaps power for safety! Such is the uniqueness of Jharkhand!

Coming back to this Earth Hour. Seemed like a very glamourous event with Junior AB as the Brand Ambassador. Though the objective is deeply appreciated but I doubt whether it actually served the purpose. Why I am saying this is because I caught a glimpse of the "earth hour celebrations' in New Delhi. Please forgive me but I think it was simply hilarious! The India Gate lights had been turned off and in front of it there was Indian Ocean performing which meant lots of electricity being spent on sounds, lights and mikes. While 100s of people were enjoying the band it seemed ridiculous to blacken the pride of India and celebrate in front of it spending the same amount of energy! I really wish I could do the exact plus minus calculations!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Atithi come again!

A nice evening on a weekend is something that sets your mood right for the entire week. So determined to have a "nice evening" I got my brother on the job of getting me tickets of "Atithi..." and he obliged. Me and ansh along with my bro reached the only multiplex that our city offers as of now. My only worry all the time was that after half an hour of the movie I would find myself standing in the lobby as my son just dusnt like it inside the hall. Well we went inside the hall and this was the first time my son was actually aware of this new ambience and he looked quite surprised. I told him we have come to watch a movie and the curious question was "to TV kahan hai mamma?" and that very moment the movie began. My son hid himself in my arms saying he was scared! I got so worried but the moment the actual movie began and he could see people around him laughing he followed suit and laughed with them! He even danced on his chair to everyone's amusement and loved the pepsi and pop corn.

The movie was good, you can always trust Paresh Rawal for a good laugh and I also liked other small players in it like the "watchman" (who always acts well and is incidently from my home town Bihar :)) and satish kaushik as well as sulemaan bhai. I think it was a well made movie and a litte "different". The songs were so so but then the movie's selling point was always the comedy and Paresh Rawal.

I am glad I went to watch Atithi.... and all thanks to my son I enjoyed it more to see him happy and enjoying. I guess we need doses of humour like this every weekend to rejuvenate ourselves. So go watch Atithi..... if you havent :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

so whats your song?

While driving back from work I switched on FM and the song that was playing was one of my favourites. It amazingly changed my mood for better. On deeper thinking I felt that it was not just the song but the memories associated with it. This song was from a movie released when I was in school and instantly happy school days visions flashed in front of my eyes. I dont know if everyone goes through such pangs of nostalgia and may be being an emotional and over-senstitive CANCERIAN I was over reacting to a "mere song". But I could related my thoughts to how my mother used to start humming even though she was buried under household chores as soon as vividh bharti or DD played some black n white era song unfamiliar to me. I guess everyone has a list of such songs which lift their spirits.. :)

Its amazing how small things in life keep you going and give you the boost to go on and on. (like today morning my son waking up alone on his bed and calling me..."mi mi mi mi aa jao merey paas") :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

random thots

I guess this is the most random blog I had ever written. Had been wanting to blog since long and yet again office, home and my little one kept me away. Everytime a particular thought crossed my mind I want to put it up on my site but loss of energy failed me (reminds me of the ad I watched in childhood- "ye bechara kaam ke bojh ka maara, inhey chahiye hamdard ka cinkara!!") I wonder what happened to this product!

Holi fever is just over and my son (now 2.4 yrs) enjoyed this day to the fullest and understood the colors for the first time. He went to his nanu and nani's place and painted their walls pink with his pichkari. But the best was the fervour with which he danced when passing by band walahs stopped to play at our gate. Every one was rolling on the floor with laughter! The naughty boy simply didnt want to come back home.

Its amazing how this little bundle of joy takes away all my pains and it gives me such a pleasure to hug him close to my heart and shower him with kisses.

Shall get back to my page with something more meaningful!