Monday, July 23, 2007

a new life

25 weeks into my pregnancy everytime my mood goes off I think of the new life inside me and it lifts my mood instantly! I had always heard that this is a wonderful feeling and now I am actually experiencing one of the wonders of God!
Feeling it grow day by day and cuddling inside me brings me closer and closer to this angel whom I am dying to see and hold now. I wonder is it asleep? is it listening to what all i say? does it already know I am its mom? Does it recognise daddy's voice? & sometimes I also get curious to know if its a boy or a girl!
It is also a huge responsibility which I shall shoulder ..Its much bigger than my first job or staying all alone to pursue a career. My baby will be my strength and the reason to live...
Waiting for u my love...

Friday, July 6, 2007

My poll

Hello Friends,

Just like millions of us, I am also an orkutian :) I liked this new idea of posting polls on the communities and promptly put up one poll..

It said -

Will the malls coming up in Ranchi be at par with those in other big cities?

I see several malls comin up in Ranchi..But will they actually be good n provided a good place to freak out for the entertainmnt starved city?

Created by: t Voting ended: 02-Jul (4 days ago)

Ranchi is a small city (for those who dont know..its the capital of Jharkhand state of india)

This city does not have much to offer to the younger generation though its bliss for the oldies! :) However the city seems to be fighting hard to catch up with the development all around. Once I drive out of my home, I come across several construction sites and big hoardings talking aloud about the lavish apartments to be built there or some mall to come up...Now that major cities around entire India have several impressive malls which attract loads of crowds specially on weekends, wht should Ranchi be held back?! :)

I was wondering how it would be to have malls n multiplexes in this city..I feel they will not be the same as in big cities like delhi and mumbai and will not draw the same kind of crowd for sure...

Well here are my POLL RESULTS -

43 percent of the people feel that the malls will be at par with those in metroes while 33 percent are of the opinion that Ranchi's crowd is never going to change! Just 5 percent feel that the malls would not match up to the standards of the renowned ones..
what do you think?
I feel the malls mite be nice but the crowd will make it a place not fit for weekend freakin out..

Thursday, July 5, 2007

the beginning

The world of blogging is not new to me but yes this platform is new..hope i am able to add substance to the google blogs!