Friday, April 24, 2009

the break

Yes my absence has been a long one. Office shifting, holidays, personal chores and a temporary loss of interest in writing can be some of the reasons that I can think of immediately. The first one has been a major deterrant. I usually write when I am in office! After work its only me and my little one. I have no time and inclination to do or be with anything else in the world :)

Talking of my little one, he is growing up fast and has become virtually a parrot. He catches words from our conversations and repeats them. Its damn funny at times!

Coming back to my new office, its not at all comparable to any of the corporate ones in big cities but still I can say that now we have a better one! We work for women, children, adolescents and HIV/AIDS infected and affected and hence an arrangement that shall intimidate our target groups is not all desirable for us. Hence we have this house with a huge garden and all basic necessities like 24 hrs high speed internet, 24 hrs generator back up etc .etc . but yet nothing is on the face or intimidating.

I love my profession and now my new work station too (to which I have attached speakers and can occassionally listen to music from the internet!)