Sunday, December 27, 2009


Office work was on after a long leave taken for wedding celebrations in the house. Seemed like work had piled up and the monotony of daily chores had started go set in. Suddenly the phone rang. It was mother in law asking me to come as grandmother (husband's granny) was very ill suddenly. I was home in 5 minutes and saw my son sleeping alone in mom in law's room and guessed what happened as Ansh was never to be left alone. He woke up and I cuddled him and climbed the stairs to dadi's room. She was lying in silence on her bed, a peaceful expression on her face....she had passed away peacefully after drinking a spoon of water.

Dadi was 84 years old & had been a widow for the past 33 years. Seemed like she herself timed her death. 2 weddings happened in the house the last ritual being just a few hours before she passed away. Seemed like she lived to bless us all.

Going through her old albums I could see how beautiful and royal she looked- perfect features, lovely complexion and lovely hair. She suffered from filaria and had swollen feet which disabled her walk. I never knew her well as the interaction was very less. But now I realise how her absence has left an emptiness in the house and in our lives.

We will miss you dadi...