Thursday, June 24, 2010

my love

Being a mother is one of the biggest gift God has entitled a woman to.

This is something that had heard and read several times but never related to it till today. Being "mamma" of a 2.7 yrs old is definately more fulfilling than anything else in the world! The little soul makes you feel so special (and he enters the room while I blog :)).

The first words uttered every morning is mi mi, mi mi which means mamma I am awake, come and hug me :) and noone can bathe and feed my little one besides mi mi. He proudly perches himself next to the driver's seat in mamma's car wearing his sun glasses and raising his head slightly with loads of attitude. The best part is the way he greets me when I am back home after work. That look on his face, the glitter of his eyes and the hug he gives me rejuvenates me totally.

Now I know how important a child is to his mother and vice versa.. and that the labour pain, sleepless nights, weakness and exhaustion all hold no place in my memories today.

Let me also take this opportunity to share what my little one is up to these days. He observes and records all minute details of things and people around him and in case he "misses out" on any piece of information or does not understand something he will quickly shoot a precise question and the resultant information will be stored forever with an "ooh"!

The latest joke in this context is - Ansh went visiting his Nani. He asked her to play a bike and sat on her back. Poor Nani after sometime gave up and said "Nani is tired now. All petrol is finished!" and the grandson quickly retorted waving at someone "500 ka petrol dena...NORMAL"!!!!

kids of 21st Century eh!