Tuesday, October 13, 2009

fortune in your coffee!

Worried about your future or want solution to something? Get your coffee cup "read"!! Sounds really strange and freaky. isnt it? Yesterday I chanced upon this entirely new thing of which I had never heard before and seemed to be the wierdest thing to know about!

A TV show on 9X called "Sambhav kya" introduced me to this concept. A woman on the show talked about reading visuals created by the dried froth on empty coffee cups. Her readings would identify and solve problems of people within minutes!

The process was simple: The concerned person takes 10 sips from his/her coffee. The cup is covered and rotated clockwise 3 times and then read!

The woman could also "read" dust collected from any household and identify the presence of something paranormal or an "evil eye"! This was totally mind boggling but based on a true incident which further bewildered me.

I am not sure of the authenticty of such practices but yes I personally believe that there are several things on this earth that are related to us but we can never get to know about them! There are so many unanswered questions and so many instances related to the paranormal and however smart and technologically sounds we human beings might become, we can never decipher these "secret codes" of God or whoever else is sitting there monitoring everything.....

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My phone rang and it was sis giving bad news of her not being able to come to Ranchi for Durga Puja..In low spirits I sat at my workplace thinking how to make the Pujas this year exciting for myself and I decided to check out flights to Patna......

Durga Puja time is always nostalgia time for me..brings with it strange feelings and remembrances of my child hood, the weather transition, the "smell of winter", not to mention the pundals and the cocktail of loud music alongwith the voice of an elated pundit chanting shlokas sitting in some pundal and getting to use the mike! Since the past 6 years I was missing out on the real fervour of the festivities as I used to experience it back home in Patna.

Now that my little one is a little grown up and ready to travel with me, I planned to go visiting my nani in Patna. The moment I was on the roads of Patna going towards nani's house my school days and times when we used to visit nani came back to me. My little one sitting in my lap was amazed at the "baaja batti" (lights and music) and "jai jai bum bum" (Durga ma). Nani was standing at her gate to welcome us ..while we settled in the house my little one went off to sleep. We chatted away and planned the next day which was a trip to "Patna market". For those who do not know about it, its the oldest "bazaar" in Patna and you get lots of interesting stuff there. The icecream and chaat was something that we never missed when we went there with our dadi :) However it was very hot and the shopping experience did not turn out to be very interesting. After that we kept indoors and ansh loved to walk in the nani's gardens. I slept away all the time and ate till I was stuffed with all my favourite "nani dishes" :)

Now I am back to work and back to business....but it was a relaxing experience and I had a lovely time....