Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A strange dream

Though my day today is as occupied as ever but I just could not keep myself from writing this account of my dream last night. It seemed so real and wierd at the same time that its still haunting me!

It began with me reading an email that talked about some box (may be a treasure) lying buried near a well at my in laws native home in Deoghar (a place near Ranchi).
Keeping abreast with the interesting facts that I have started with, I would like to add that this email was from a relative of mine. I forgot about this email totally (in my dreams) and after a few days this relative passed away. As per Hindu traditions the rituals for the dead last for 13 days. The same was going on in our house and every possible relative had come to join in. I was sitting among them and suddenly the entire email got printed on my palm! Then there was warning message which said that I was supposed to go look for 3 "link people" at Deoghar who had a clue about this box. I was given a time line to finish this job and then imprints on my palm vanished.

I then found myself sleeping in my bed in the room where I spent my child hood i.e. in Patna the capital of Bihar. I opened my eyes in the middle of my sleep and saw this dead relative standing in front of my bed with a look that scared me to no ends. Then I got kicked!

It was no one else but my toddler son Ansh who had "escaped" from his quilt and was sleeping with his feet on my face! I tucked him back in the quilt and went off to sleep again hoping for the dream to continue but it never came back yet haunted me till morning!

Friday, January 1, 2010

our world this year

Yet another year has finally begun and has brought with it mixed feelings of hope, triumph, despair, uncertainty ....Coming to think of the focus this year I guess it would be the food inflation, industrial development, global warming, the increasing divide between the cosmopoliton and the rural areas..Wow god must have researched very well before creating this breed called homo sapiens who can effect the world so much with their actions! Its amazing how every other species however ferocious it be lives at the mercy of MAN!

An guesses where are we headed to this year?? I guess more price rise yet the urban man will continue his usual lifestyle and urbanisation and malls, pubs, multiplexes will spread their wings further. There will be more industries but no employment as the labour force today is slowly being replaced by computers and machines and of course I dont need to tell you how more industries can effect our climate and take us towards nostradamus's predictions.
Yet the whole point is that life is much better in many ways than it used to be decades back. Ofcourse everything has its own repurcussions but the face of the world has changed for better (ignore the negativities please!). Today people specially women have the right to live their lives the way they want and kudos all these women of the new age who juggle work, home and kids and are so full of life!
So lets welcome the fresh year with positive thoughts and try and make the world a better place. Amen!