Friday, February 5, 2010

Jab We Met

(To begin with...............
................Kanu I will NOT apologise for shamelessly lifting your tag line for our quick short meeting!)

This is about confusion turned to bliss!

I boarded the Ranchi New Delhi flight to get on to the connecting flight to Pune. As luck would have it the flight got diverted to Jaipur owing to thick fog over New Delhi. So 1 am in the morning we were sitting on our seats at Jaipur airport and surprisingly I was totally calm. We got to know that 4 flights were hovering over New Delhi and 11 over Lucknow.

Suddenly the captain announced that we were heading to New Delhi! The captain was lauded with claps as we landed in zero visibility at New Delhi. The plane stood on the runway not knowing where to go and voila a big bus with lights at the back reading FOLLOW ME took us to safe parking!!

And now comes the best part. The flight to Pune never departed and hence my sister's hubby Siddhant came to pick me and my son Ansh. We went to Noida to my sister's place. The icing on the cake was that Kanupriya my best friend coincidently was there for official work. I got to see her after 3 years. We had a lovely but vvery short time together though we lived it to the fullest.

I also met another ex-colleague Neha and her daughter, Mehar. Ansh played with Mehar and loved the swings and see saw! Sister and Kanu showered gifts and I got to hog on all the food that's not yet available in Ranchi :)

This was a much needed rejuvenating experience for me! Thank you God!