Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jab we met!!

We met, we chatted, had a great time together and then we parted…..this time for good or should I say now it depends on each of us whether we want to keep in touch! It was an emotional moment on 23rd march, 2012 where farewell gifts were given away and everyone vented their hearts out on how much they had enjoyed their tenure with CINI and gained from working with different government departments, agencies and especially the Sahiyyas, women, children and adolescents. The very fact that ex-colleagues like me were given an opportunity to be a part of the get together and wish everyone good luck shows how much we all bond together as a team though now working or going to work in different places and organizations.

Last but not the least one man deserves all the credit for bringing CINI Jharkhand to the fore as a premier technical assistance agency in the state and to get people on board who had the vision and technical expertise to spearhead some important developments in the state’s health, nutrition and education sector. The man of course is the Coordinator of CINI Jharkhand, our mentor Dr Suranjeen who shall always be loved and respected by all of us and his advice shall continued to be sought be it matters on handling a project, career advice, medical treatment or discussion on any technical issue under the sun!

Thanks for being there Dr Suranjeen and not to forget the leadership and support provided by Ranjan, Tapan da, Nawal, Sapna, Anup and the list is unending J

New projects will soon bring a new set of people in to CINI Jharkhand and we all shall continue to cooperate with them.

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